RUSSIA'S illegal invasion of Ukraine is likely to impose greater pressure on the supply of timber into the UK, a new report has found. 

Timber Development UK's Market Statement has warned the war will have "significant effects" on the volume and types of wood available from the continent in the coming months. 

While only a small amount of timber is purchased directly from Russia and its ally Belarus, larger quantities are bought 'second hand' after being sold to countries in the European Union.  This includes the likes of Siberian Larch, birch plywood, and oak. 

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In the report published by the trade body today, it was also found the timber supply chain is resilient as 2021 proved to be a record year for imports, despite significant disruptions to the market.

Nick Boulton, Timber Development UK head of technical and trade policy, said: “I would like to say that we are moving back towards normality in 2022, however, the supply situation remains particularly tricky given continuing labour shortages and high fuel costs.

Forestry Journal:

“Recent weeks have also seen the awful illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia which is likely to exacerbate existing supply and price pressures.

“Yet against this backdrop, timber will continue to play a pivotal role in 2022 as the UK looks to build back better, safer, and greener while achieving net-zero targets

“As the only mainstream low carbon construction product, timber will be central in our bid to reduce construction emissions.”

While Russia is one of the main suppliers of timber to the world, it has largely been shunned by the international community since the invasion began. Major forestry firms - such as John Deere - have stopped trading in the country, while the PEFC declared its wood as "conflict timber".

In response, Russia has threatened to stop trading with "unfriendly nations", including the US, EU and the UK. 

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The report noted: "While timber is not explicitly included within current sanctions which have arisen from the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Timber Development UK is advising all members to cease trading with both Belarus and Russia.

Forestry Journal:

"This will have significant effects as although relatively small amounts of timber is directly imported from these countries, they are major suppliers into Europe, who in turn, supply the UK.

"We are already working with EU supply partners to find ways to compensate for the  overall loss of volume coming to the EU from Russia." 

Read the full report here

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