SWEDISH forest machine manufacturer Rottne is making two new cranes available from this spring. The RK75 and RK310 will be mounted on the Rottne H8D and Rottne H21D respectively, replacing the RK50 and RK250.

Filip Wirbladh, machine engineer at Rottne Industri, said: “Our development work has been focused on simplifying service, improving operator comfort and increasing power.

“We have been working on developing the RK75 for many years. In short, we have kept all the advantages of the older crane and added even more. The difference between the new and the old crane is very large.

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“Generally speaking, everything is new, with the focus on the operator and service. With the RK75, we have developed a dynamic and durable product, where the operator will really notice a big difference.”

The list of improvements on the new crane is long. Everything from hardware to software has been looked over in detail to develop a crane that will make both the work and the service easier.

Forestry Journal:

Filip said: “The guiding principles have been function, service and comfort. The crane is easy to service, while the operator gains softer and more precise operation thanks to reduced vibrations in the operating stages.”

On the Rottne H21D, the RK250 is replaced by the RK310. The new crane is gearless, direct driven, and has a slewing motor with greater efficiency, with a stronger bearing between the first boom section and outer jib.

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Rottne CEO Tobias Johansson added: “There are many years of development behind this. That we can now mount them on our own machines and exhibit them to the market really feels very satisfying.

Forestry Journal:

“We have taken the right decision in our work with long-term goals, and the market is certainly on our side. This is made clear by the great demand for our machines.”