JOHN Deere Forestry is introducing a new harvester head for eucalyptus tree harvesting.

The purpose-built H225E harvester head for eucalyptus debarking has been designed for use with the larger size-class 1270G or 1470G wheeled harvesters equipped with an 8.6 m boom, and with tracked harvesters. It features excellent single-pass debarking with the patented Vario feed rollers. 

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The range of the new head is 30-450 mm and the optimal diameter at breast height is 150-300 mm. It is said to feature excellent single-pass debarking and can easily process crooked trees. It has the same PEVO harvester head valve found in most John Deere harvester heads, as well as the recently introduced SC100S saw unit. 

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The head’s four moving delimbing knives, the fixed upper and lower knives, together with the fixed debarking tools in the frame and two feed rollers, ensure exceptional debarking and delimbing regardless of tree diameter. Long component life, protected hose routings and ease of daily maintenance add to its reliability.

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According to John Deere, the H225E harvester head product development and product improvements were based on customer feedback in the eucalyptus market. The design goals were ease of use, durability, performance, efficiency, carefully considered hose routings and easy access to service points.