AFTER putting a selection of 8” woodchippers through their paces, it was the EVO 205D from GreenMech that proved to be a cut above for Myers Tree Services. Owner Jamie Myers has been in the industry for 30 years and admits that his early experiences of GreenMech weren’t always overly positive. However, the fantastic performance of a second-hand SAFE-Trak 19-28 soon changed that opinion – paving the way for their chipper to take power and usability to new heights. 

Working across Surrey and West London, the firm has established a large portfolio of commercial and domestic customers in its 25 years of trading. 

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“With projects of all shapes and sizes, we were looking to upgrade an existing 6” machine for an 8” to make things quicker and easier for the guys on the ground,” said Jamie. “We went to another manufacturer who we’d had machines from in the past, but feeling underwhelmed with their 8” offering, we used that opportunity to see what else was out there.

“Our opinion of GreenMech was transformed a few years ago when we purchased a SAFE-Trak unit, which continues to give us nothing but fantastic, consistent performance, so we took a look at their 8” EVO 205D and were seriously impressed. 

“It was really the performance and high levels of reliability we’ve had with GreenMech that sealed the deal for us.” 

The 205D was supplied by local dealers GA Groundcare in August 2021 and, since its delivery, has exceeded Jamie’s expectations when it comes to power. 

“It’s an amazing machine,” he said. “We looked at chippers with some serious throughput capability and the EVO is more than on par, giving us a machine on our fleet that is both easy to use, and powerful enough to process whatever we need it to.” 

At the heart of the 205D is a 50 hp Kubota diesel engine, offering a processing capacity of up to 25 m3 of material per hour, making it one of the most productive machines in its category. 

Strength, durability and ease of maintenance are at the forefront of its design – something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Jamie. 

“With the EVO range, you can tell GreenMech has thought about how the operator really uses the machine,” he said. “Giving easy access to all of the components that require servicing makes our lives so much easier and whenever we’ve needed advice, GreenMech has given us fantastic, prompt technical support, meaning it hasn’t skipped a beat in months.”