TIGERCAT has released a new harvester for steep slope thinning and final felling applications.

The LX830E, a powerful and stable levelling feller buncher, includes a redesigned debris management system and upgraded operator’s seat.

Featuring integrated heating and cooling, the updated E-series cab also comes equipped with wider cushion and lumbar support to provide operator comfort all day long. 

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The HVAC controls feature a new, infinitely variable fan speed control, adjusted on the control panel or the machine control system touchscreen, adding to operator comfort.

Multiple convenient storage locations with nets have been added to the cab to keep items secure.

A redesigned engine enclosure provides improved roof access for clearing debris. A boom slider also reduces debris build-up in hard-to-reach areas.

A hot shutdown feature has been added. This allows the turbo to sufficiently cool before stopping the engine, improving turbo life.

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A larger, spring-assisted pump cover allows for easier service access to the hydraulic pump area. Hydraulic enhancements include quicker anti-stall response, consistent anti-cavitation flow and improved heat rejection.