SCOTTISH Forestry has launched a consultation on a draft Gaelic Language Plan 2022-27.

The purpose of the six week survey is to seek views of all who have an interest in the role the organisation can play in the protection and development of the Gaelic language.

Scottish Forestry’s chief executive, Dave Signorini, said: “The Gaelic language plays an important and significant role in our landscape, our culture and our heritage.

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“For us the significance could not be more relevant as, at its core, the names of the letters in the Gaelic alphabet are based on the names of many of Scotland’s native trees.

“We are committed to the role that Scottish Forestry can play in enhancing the status, usage and acquisition of Gaelic, both to further the aims of Bòrd na Gàidhlig and to assist in the delivery of the National Gaelic Plan.”

Forestry Journal: Dave SignoriniDave Signorini

Views expressed during the consultation will help shape the final version of the Plan, before it is submitted to Bòrd na Gàidhlig for approval.

The consultation period ends on June 3 and anyone who wishes to provide views can do so via the Scottish Forestry website.