A feller buncher for steep-slope thinning and final felling, a forestry dozer, and a refreshed swing-boom skidder system are among the latest additions to Tigercat’s range. 

The LX830E, a powerful and stable levelling harvester, the TCi 920, and the new 635H grapple all promise to bring the American firm’s usual innovation and comfort. With a redesigned debris-management system and upgraded operator’s seat, the harvester also boasts an updated engine enclosure, providing improved roof access for clearing debris.

A larger, spring-assisted pump cover allows for easier service access to the hydraulic pump area. Hydraulic enhancements include quicker anti-stall response, consistent anti-cavitation flow and improved heat rejection.

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Meanwhile, the new TCi 920 will be making the rounds at several US forestry industry trade shows this spring.

Seeking to overcome shortcomings that harvesting professionals have experienced when applying standard-build, mass-production dozers to forestry operations, the new 920 is designed specifically for use in logging.

The 920 is powered by the Tigercat FTP N45 Tier 4f engine rated at 101 kW (135 hp). It is equipped with a 190 mm (7.5”) pitch, heavy-duty undercarriage, a responsive and efficient closed-loop track drive system, strong, impact-resistant belly pans, and durable structural components throughout.

Boasting all the capabilities of the six-wheel-drive behemoth, the 635H has been taken to the next level with the integration of a Tigercat designed and built swing-boom system, initially introduced on the 635G series skidder.

Forestry Journal:  

With the ability to lock the seat and operate the machine from any position with full drive controls, the Tigercat Turnaround 220-degree seat is an important advantage for swing-boom skidding applications. It allows the operator to position the seat at any rearward-facing angle.

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