DO you want your tools to boast five centuries’ worth of Austrian heritage? Then look no further than Carr’s Billington Safety’s latest offerings. 

From splitting, forest and felling axes to turning and bill hooks, Leonhard Muller forestry equipment blends “traditional craftsmanship with modern knowledge”, producing top-class gear every single time. 

Now available from Carr’s, the tools are, to this day, forged by hand. This includes the popular Muller hand-forged Beaver Canada, an all-round felling axe that is suitable for debranching, felling, and cultivating. 

Forestry Journal:

With an oval eye and ash handle, it is available in a variety of shaft lengths and weights, and priced from £65 including VAT.

Elsewhere, the compact Muller drop-forged splitting maul tops the list for quality and performance, without the hefty price tag at £30 including VAT.

Forestry Journal:

And for those looking for an all-purpose, quality axe for tasks in the home, on the farm or in the forest then a good option is the Muller drop-forged felling axe, with its finely polished head and ash handle with non-slip end, plus safety wedging. Prices start at £45.

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