A NEW 25-tonne load-carrying forwarder and a "versatile" harvester have been unveiled by Ponsse. 

The Mammoth and Scorpion Giant are said to be the next step in the Finnish firm's 'sustainable forestry' ambitions, bringing with them a host of upgrades, including improved ergonomics, safety and usability. 

Launched this week, the former expands on Ponsse's extensive forwarder offering and features "sturdy frame structures" and "super-strong hydraulics", while the latter becomes the strongest harvester in the Scorpion range. 

Forestry Journal:

Marko Mattila, sales, marketing and service director at Ponsse, said: “These new products strengthen our position as one of the world’s leading suppliers of responsible harvesting solutions.

"The development of both new forest machines started from improved ergonomics, safety and usability, as well as better visibility from the cabin.

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"We believe that we succeeded very well in this, and we are delighted to demonstrate these new products to our customers today here in Surahammar in Sweden." 

The new harvester adds to the Scorpion product range, which was completely upgraded in 2021. According to customer needs, the Scorpion Giant was developed to have more tractive effort, which helps the harvester to be agile even in challenging conditions, including snow, steep slopes and soft terrain. It is in a league of its own, Ponsse says, when it comes to crane lifting power, also when handling larger stems.

“Even though the Giant is the strongest harvester in the Scorpion range, the Bear is still our most powerful harvester overall. What makes the Scorpion Giant stand out is its versatility, allowing it to be operated at various sites, as it can be fitted with the PONSSE H6, H7, H7HD Euca or H8 harvester head,” Marko added.

The Scorpion Giant is available with the highly advanced and modern Opti 5G system and the Opti 8 touchscreen computer.

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Meanwhile, the new forwarder comes equipped with the stepless Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system and the Ponsse K121 loader, meaning heavy loads can be transported effortlessly, even in the most challenging terrain. 

Forestry Journal:

One of the most prominent new features is the Ponsse Active Seat, developed according to forest machine operators’ requests. The new Active Seat improves usability, Ponsse says, as it turns and follows the work environment according to crane movements, increasing the forest machine operator’s productivity. 

Forestry Journal's July edition will feature an in-depth look at both new machines, which will include exclusive interviews with Ponsse chiefs.