KONEOSAPALVELU and Nordic Traction Group have entered into a cooperation agreement on the manufacturing and sale of forest machine tracks. 

In future, the latter will be in charge of the manufacturing of Kopa flotation tracks.

Koneosapalvelu will continue as the distributor of Kopa tracks in Finland.

The goal of the cooperation agreement, chiefs say, is to ensure competitive manufacturing of the tracks developed by Koneosapalvelu and to increase the sales of the tracks in global markets. 

Hannu Soimasuo, managing director of Koneosapalvelu, said: “We started the product development for the Kopa flotation tracks in 2015 and the product has become very popular on our Finnish home market. 

“As the production volumes keep growing, we are approaching the limits of in-house capacity at our Vilppula plant. Joining forces with a partner specialising in the manufacturing of forest machine tracks will enable us to increase the production volumes and to achieve efficiency benefits.” 

Nordic Traction Group has, in recent years, invested in automation technology and more efficient track production in Dumfries, where Clark Tracks has designed and produced tracks for forestry machines for 34 years. 

Tero Järvinen, CEO of Nordic Traction Group, said: “Our renewed production plant will enable mutually beneficial cooperation with Koneosapalvelu. We are professionals in track production and Koneosapalvelu is a key expert in the Finnish forest machine business.”