HUSQVARNA has announced a partnership with climbing gear expert Teufelberger. The collaboration, which starts in 2022, marks an important step in Husqvarna´s ambition to offer a broader selection of solutions for arborists and tree-care workers. 

Husqvarna said it has identified a need amongst arborists and tree-care professionals for products and tools that are designed for their specific needs, including comfort, efficiency, and safety. The collaboration with Teufelberger is the first step toward achieving its ambition to complement its top-of-the-line chainsaw offering with high-quality products that are specifically made for working at height.

Johan Hallendorf, director of global portfolio arborist solutions at Husqvarna, said: “When we decided to create our own climbing gear, we asked arborists and tree workers about the best and most reputable producers in that market. 

“We understood that Teufelberger was a great match for us in terms of high quality combined with opportunities for innovation. Together with our chainsaws, we want to offer arborists and tree workers the best equipment solutions for their most frequent needs.”

Ludovic Rambert, business unit manager of treecare at Teufelberger, said: “We are excited to partner with Husqvarna. With their expertise in chainsaws combined with our expertise in climbing gear we will be able to develop new products, making the working lives of arborists and tree workers a lot easier.”

The new climbing gear will launch during the second half of 2022, with additional new products being considered over the coming years.