A SITE meeting will be held later this month for the combined APF 2022 and Arb Show. 

The event is an opportunity for would-be exhibitors to come along, inspect the surroundings and choose a stand that suits their needs, as well as chat to the organising team about specific requirements.  

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Held at the Ragley Estate, Alcester, Warwickshire, between September 22 and 24, the show is expected to attract more than 300 exhibitors and 25,000 trade visitors. Around 240 exhibitors are already booked in and demo space is running out quickly.

June's site meeting will take place on Wednesday 22 at 2PM. 

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If you have any queries about exhibiting at APF 2022, contact Exhibition Secretary Ian Millward at info@apfexhibition.co.uk or tel: 01428 723 545

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