A NEW satellite monitoring system could allow forest managers to track bug infestations during their attack phase. 

LiveEO’s AI-powered ‘forestry solution’ is said to make it easier to monitor woodlands and mitigate the risks of pests, which will continue to become more prominent in the years ahead. 

And while security systems currently exist on the ground, LiveEO officials say problems are often detected too late for any measures to be put in place. The Berlin-based firm says it will use multispectral satellite data to solve this. 

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A statement read: “Recent increases in wood prices that trickled down in countless other industries showed the significance of wood as a natural resource. 

“At the same time, forests are prone to Bark Beetle infestations and storm damage – both of which are expected to grow in severity due to climate change and are, in fact, interlinked, since fallen trees are optimal habitats for the bugs.

“The AI-powered solution will enable forest owners to detect and stop the spread of bug infestations during their attack phase. 

“The early detection of the animals will help secure the rapidly deteriorating value of damaged trees.”