TIGERCAT has released a new harvesting head with a fixed wrist for use when 'positive control' for felling is required. 

The 570 fixed head design combines two technologies – the Tigercat 570 harvesting head and the Tigercat 340 degree wrist.

With a three knife arm, the 570 is  durable, high performance, two-wheel drive harvesting head. 

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The 340 degree wrist is field-proven in felling head applications where maximum dexterity and positive control are needed, the Canadian firm says. A wrist-float feature is standard for the 570, allowing the head to align more easily to the tree for felling and feeding. Fixed and float functions are fully adjustable to suit operator preferences.

The 570 fixed head is standard with a heavy-duty chassis and guarding designed for the 340 degree wrist. The 570 comes standard with 1000 cc feed motors, wide-track feed wheels, Tigercat hydraulic tension 0.75 in (19 mm) pitch main saw, hydraulic tension top saw [0.404 in (10 mm) or 0.75 in (19 mm) chain], fixed or floating front knife, and the full range of Tigercat D5 control system levels.

A Tigercat statement read: "The 570 fixed head has proven effective in select-cut harvesting applications, particularly for high-value hardwood, where positive control is needed to position the felled tree to reduce damage to standing trees.

"It is best matched to Tigercat 822 series carriers."