IT’S the sub-750 kg woodchipper that’s turned more than a few heads. In just six months, the Pronar MR-15 has left its mark on the UK market – and it’s never been easier to get your hands on one. 

Distributed by Global Recycling Solutions, its standard 50 mm trailer coupling allows the chipper to be towed with ease, comfort and safety. The machine, which arrived on these shores in December, also comes equipped with overrun brakes, a 12-volt trailer lighting system and reflective markings that ensure its visibility to other road users. 

And you can see it in action for yourself by getting in touch with the Global team. 

Forestry Journal:

A spokesperson for the England-based firm, which also supplies brands such as Bandit and Jo Beau, said: “The sales team is with the customer from beginning to end, offering expert advice that is tailored to their business, and where applicable offering demonstrations in their own working environment. 

“Register your interest today and see what the MR-15 can do for your business.” 

The use of a heavy-duty jockey wheel attached to the frame, along with a handbrake, ensures the chipper can be safely and reliably installed in both working and storage environments.

With a maximum diameter of 150 mm, limbs and branches are hand-fed into a foldable infeed hopper where they are met with twin hydraulically driven feed rollers. The speed of the feed rollers is fully adjustable and can be adapted to the diameter of the material being processed, increasing productivity. Featuring a simple-to-use display, all functions of the chipper can be monitored from the display including fault diagnostics.

Forestry Journal:

The MR-15 is equipped with a Briggs and Stratton Vanguard EFI 37 hp 993 cc V-Twin petrol engine, which through a belt transmission drives the chip disc which features a pair of hardened steel knives.