Returning to the show calendar for the first time since before the pandemic, Interforst was back with a bang. Forestry Journal joined thousands of guests at Messe München last month, as 31,000 visitors and more than 300 exhibitors ensured there was plenty to see. In this series of articles, we provide a small taste of what was on offer. 

ONE machine that will have been new to many visitors was a piece of equipment for Konrad’s Highlander harvester. By using the firm’s quick-coupling system, a trailer, fully rotational, could be attached and driven into the forest – the upshot being that instead of a harvester and forwarder, operators only need one machine, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, fuel used, and damage to the forest floor. 

The trailer was also a KWF Members Award nominee. 

Forestry Journal:

Markus Konrad, CEO, said: “This year we are showing new equipment for the Highlander, a carrier. We have a quick-coupling system, which means you can drive into the forest, cut the trees, and put them directly onto the carrier. 

“You can move it around and down, which makes it easier to place trees on it.

“You wouldn’t need to have two machines, the forwarder and a harvester. This is the idea. In Europe, we often have conditions where we only have a small amount of timber and it’s on steep slopes.

“With only one machine, you only have to drive once into the forest, which is also good for the ground. It means you have lower costs to move the machines and there’s an environmental benefit.”