Returning to the show calendar for the first time since before the pandemic, Interforst was back with a bang. Forestry Journal joined thousands of guests at Messe München last month, as 31,000 visitors and more than 300 exhibitors ensured there was plenty to see. In this series of articles, we provide a small taste of what was on offer. 

QUITE literally stopping traffic was Westtech with its Woodcracker Telescope Stage T4000 arm and CS510 crane (both attached to a Liebherr LH22). During a demonstration, a swarm of visitors stopped in their tracks to get their phones out, and all seemed suitably impressed. 

It was one of the many items on Westtech’s large stand, which also featured its CS580 and CS780 tree shears. 

Forestry Journal:

“We are so glad to be back at Interforst,” said Westtech’s Elisabeth Stelzer. “We couldn’t wait to be back. There have been a lot of interesting customers and a lot of interest on the stand. 

“The Woodcracker Telescope Stage T4000 is extending the reach for an excavator without any modifications to it. 

“You’ll find this doing work anywhere you need the reach without destroying the ground. You can position an excavator on one position and reach far ahead into another. You can reach pretty far.” 

She added: “Demand for safety tree fellings is growing. That’s why we are working especially in this area.”