NEW research shows how scenario analysis can be used as a tool to investigate potential future changes to woodland.

Forest Research's 'Scenario analysis : exploring future woodland use and ecosystem services delivery', a research note published this week, could lead to better informed and rational decision-making on British forests.

With the nation's woodlands set to be increasingly affected through changes in climate and human population pressure, it's hoped the document will help land managers better prepare for the long-term. 

Forestry Journal:

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It uses three cases studies to illustrate the point. The first shows how scenarios have been developed for woodland expansion, by incorporating visions into an agent-based

The multi-scale application of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment is explored in the second, where six indicators were used to compare the provision of forest ecosystem services from six scenarios.

The final case study illustrates how exploratory scenarios can be co-developed with stakeholders to inform land management plans, in this instance working closely with a forest planner and adopting a conifer species diversification approach based on
ecological site classification.

Access the full document here.