STOCKHOLM’s market hall has been serving discerning customers since 1886. But after decades of use, this traditional meeting spot was facing an urgent need for complete renovation.

It was important that market traders could continue to trade while the renovation was underway so that they could keep their customers, and that the well-established restaurants and shops were able to return after the renovation.

Forestry Journal:

The solution for this challenge was to erect a temporary building, using Metsä Wood’s PEFC-certified Kerto LVL (laminated veneer lumber).

This would enable the business of the old market to stay under one roof. However, what could not have been foreseen was how poular the temporary market hall would prove.

Being about 60 per cent of the size of the original building, the temporary market hall became bright, luminous, modern and a truly inviting place with stores and restaurants. It has attracted new customers without losing its regulars. More than 55,000 people visit the new market each week – an almost 100 per cent increase compared to the old hall.

The temporary hall has also become something of a tourist attraction and this has led to global media interest in the project.