TEUFELBERGER has unveiled two new harnesses designed to make tree climbers more efficient.

Following the trend is easy, but improving in order to help tree climbers to get more efficient is what Teufelberger commits to with its new treeMOTIONs Essential and Pro.

Since 2007, the company has been working to improve its treeMOTION harnesses, listening to tree climbers, partners, and ambassadors, always with the sole objective of making the ideal harness that suits all climbing styles and climber anatomies. 

All of that feedback and consideration has gone into the development of the fourth generation of treeMOTIONs with the launch of the new Essential and Pro.

The new harnesses are designed to be customisable for every climber due to their shape and adaptability, coming in three sizes (small, medium and large) with up to ten replaceable parts, improving longevity.

The main difference between treeMOTION Essential and Pro are:
•BUCKLES: The treeMOTION Essential is equipped with sliding adjustable buckles for the beginning climber and the treeMOTION Pro with Cobra quick-release buckles for those with more experience.
•BACK AND LEG PADDING: The treeMOTION Essential is equipped with standard padding and the treeMOTION Pro with comfort padding. Both are interchangeable.

Forestry Journal:
•GEAR BRACKETS: The treeMOTION Essential is equipped with 2x2 gear brackets and the treeMOTION Pro with 2x3 gear brackets, plus 2x1 gear brackets down the harness.
•RED ELASTIC BAND TO HOLD IN PLACE: The treeMOTION Essential is delivered without the red elastic and the treeMOTION Pro with the red elastic on the waist and leg loop.

With a 10-year lifespan and the ability to replace up to 10 parts of the harness, the treeMOTION Essential and Pro are promoted as the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) harnesses in the treecare industry.