In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of APF 2022. 

FEW companies at the APF will have such coverage as Euroforest and AW Jenkinson. So, who better to ask for a take on the state of play? 

“It’s interesting at the moment,” said Mark Williams, director of operations at Euroforest.

“Our traditional business, which is harvesting and marketing mostly softwood, and the processing industry, is not in the best of positions at the moment. 

“That’s because there’s been a downturn and there is a reduction in price, and low demand. The market, as we call it, isn’t fantastic at the moment. It will improve and high energy costs are causing a lot of those issues at the moment.” 

Supply issues are also being felt by AW Jenkinson, although Simon Bullock stressed this is likely to be just a short-term problem. 

“In general, the industry is in a really good place,” the senior woodfibre manager said.

“In this short window, we have the issues with supply and demand. The sawmills are a little bit quiet at the minute.” 

However, the news isn’t all bad, and, like many others, Euroforest continues to see a booming demand for firewood. 

Forestry Journal: AW Jenkinson brought along some impressive machines to APF AW Jenkinson brought along some impressive machines to APF (Image: FJ)

“On the bright side, energy material – so hardwood for firewood – is really important at the moment,” Mark added. “A lot of people are wanting to reduce their bills and take energy wood instead. There’s a big market in northern Europe for that, and we are exporting from the south of England. It’s a growing side of the business.” 

Simon was similarly upbeat. 

“I feel that is a short-time thing,” he said. “But the case for sustainable, UK-grown timber is only going to get stronger and stronger, as demand for UK-sourced wood is there.

“We have a very good, sustainable future. But we need to back that up with the training side of things, and promoting the credentials of the forestry industry. It doesn’t get the press it needs.” 

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