In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of APF 2022. 

IN the woodland demo area, Home Forestry, a supplier of a wide range of machinery, could be found working away and visitors were able to catch a glimpse of two new mini-forwarders. 

The Alstor 834 and open-cab 822 – both with a maximum load of 3,000 kg – had only recently arrived on these shores, but were in such demand that the vehicles taken to APF had already been sold. 

Forestry Journal: Nathan Home Nathan Home (Image: FJ)

Made in Sweden, they feature three-cylinder, 24 hp diesel engines, eight-wheel drive, and come with a 3.8 m crane as standard (although this can be upgraded). 

“This 834 is the first one in the UK and the new model that has just been released from Sweden,” said Home Forestry founder Nathan Home. “The 822 is a new machine for the UK, and it has lots of modifications from the old 821. We are just pushing the brand on, and are very excited.

Forestry Journal: Home Forestry had plenty to show off Home Forestry had plenty to show off (Image: FJ)

“These are mini-forwarders and run at under two and a half tonnes. They can go into the forest without making a mess – you can tow them behind a suitable four-wheel-drive on a trailer. 

“They are low impact, low fuel use, and a very good bit of a kit.” 

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