In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of APF 2022. 

One of APF’s main attractions was undoubtedly the Husqvarna Arena, complete with its large climbing poles and canopy, the latter of which was housing a range of products. Chief among them were two new chainsaws and several items of climbing gear.  

The 540 XP Mark III is a completely new petrol chainsaw available as either top- or rear-handled. Both feature a range of improvements on previous versions, and are ideal for various arb work. They will be available in early 2023. 

“It sounds like we are upgrading everything but this is a brand new chainsaw,” said Hugo van Bijsterveldt. “We have improved the power, reduced the weight, and improved the runnability. 

Forestry Journal: Hugo van BijsterveldtHugo van Bijsterveldt (Image: FJ)

“The chainsaw was developed in Japan but has been tested globally. One important feature is the startability - what is unique about these ones is that even if you put them on show, they will start and they will run.” 

Speaking about the developments to come, Hugo said: “It is always a battle in how we can increase power, how we can reduce weight, but also keep reliability and productivity. That is one area. The other is we need to cope with emissions regulations and compliance. 

“Technology innovations will help us to get there.” 

Elsewhere, Husqvarna’s new climbing gear included a harness and ropes, developed in partnership with Teufelberger. A bag for storing the equipment was also unveiled during the show, as was a chainsaw strap with an anti-shock feature that reduces the impact if the chainsaw gets caught in a falling branch or on other objects.

Forestry Journal: Husqvarna ambassador Jo HedgerHusqvarna ambassador Jo Hedger (Image: FJ)

Of the new climbing gear, Husqvarna ambassador Jo Hedger said: “I’ve been using the same model for the last 12 months and found it really positive, really comfortable.” 

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