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WHEN Jim Upson first laid eyes on Foxwood’s woodchippers, he had no intention of buying them – but he's now glad he did.

Hand-built in Europe, the range includes the 24 hp C120 PRO, the C90 Pro, and many, many more, all boasting a host of features, such as Sabre Blades and Active Torque Drive.

They have been at the heart of Jim's business for around six years – he discovered them at a Dutch trade show around a year before – and took centre stage on Foxwood's APF stand. 

Forestry Journal:

"This machine was the first of its type to be designed in Europe," Jim, who also runs Upson Mowers, said. "Foxwood is our brand, and we just think they are a great product. There are a lot of copies out there, but these are the original design. We want to carry that forward.

"We are selling a proper machine, with a proper warranties. If the chipper fell into the sea, you could send it back to us and we would rebuild it."

Foxwood's range – which is built in Germany – also includes the T90 PRO and T120 PRO, and is available at a number of retailers, such as FR Jones & Son. 

"When I look at a machine, I know if it's going to break," said Jim. "They are a small machine for professional guys. They are not a Mickey Mouse tool.

Forestry Journal:

"We thought it was going to be the arb market but it's landscape and estate management."

Of the current market situation, Jim added: "Parts can be difficult to get hold of. We have a good stockpile in the UK. If someone got really short, I'd take a part off a new machine and send it to them. That's the type of people we are." 

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