In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of APF 2022. 

INVESTING in woodlands – and all that entails – has increasingly become the go-to option for individuals and organisations with cash to burn.

Whether it be commercial forestry or planting projects to secure carbon credits, in many ways there has never been a better time for the market. 

That’s certainly the experience of John Clegg & Co, the woodland specialists, with officials believing the background trends remain strong for the years ahead. 

“There are quite a few people who will have heard about forestry as an investment opportunity,” said Simon Hart, head of forestry (Scotland). “It’s become more popular, and over the last 10 or 15 years it has been a good investment. It’s got a lot of press in the financial press because the performance has been so good. 

“The trend in commercial forestry has been upwards. Quite dramatically. In the last 10 years or so, you have made at least 10 per cent per annum in forestry. It knocks the socks off any investment. 

“The background trends are strong. As we decarbonise, we are going to have to use more wood. Demand for wood is going up.” 

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