THOUSANDS of trees are being given away to household across Wales completely free of charge. 

The My Tree Our Forest initiative has seen the launch of a nationwide network of 50 collection hubs, offering ten different species of native and broadleaf varieties to the general public. A whopping 295,000 trees are up for grabs and their planting will contribute to the National Forest for Wales.

Facilitated by Coed Cadw, the Woodland Trust in Wales, the scheme is part of the country's efforts to ramp up the number of trees it plants each year in a bid to tackle the climate emergency. 

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Like the rest of the UK, Wales fell well short of its planting target during the last annual period, with just 580 hectares of new woodland created in the country in the 12 months prior to March 2022. This was well short of its approximate goal of 5,000 ha per annum. 

Deputy climate change minister Lee Waters said: “Trees are a lifeline to us and all of the amazing life that they support. Where would our birds, insects and animals be without them… where would we be without them?

“I want everyone in Wales to check out our website to find your nearest tree giveaway hub and pick up your free broadleaf tree. On site, our wonderful volunteers will be ready with their expert advice to help you choose the right tree for your space and situation."

Species available include hazel; rowan; hawthorn; silver birch; crab apple; sessile oak; dogwood; dog rose; field maple; and elder.

In order to become a Net Zero Wales by 2050, experts have advised that Wales must plant 86 million trees over the next decade.

Natalie Buttriss, director of Coed Cadw said: “Trees have always offered simple and cost-effective solutions to the challenges we all face and through the My Tree Our Forest initiative, we hope to inspire people from all backgrounds, regions and walks of life to get involved, and as a result, feel more connected to the multiple benefits that trees can bring.”

To find out where your local tree giveaway hub is, visit: