STIHL has launched a combined version of its popular communication headset and safety helmet. 

The Advance ProCom X-Vent will see Advance ProCom fitted as standard to its X-Vent, offering forestry professionals clear, high-quality communications and top-of-the-range ear and head protection all-in-one. 

Advance ProCom is also available as an ear defender set, or as an accessory for the Advance X-Climb and other 3M compatible helmets for a wide range of choice. 

Fixed to the X-Vent for optimum comfort and safety, the Advance ProCom headset offers seamless on-site communication with up to 16 other Advance ProCom users. 

It also boasts a range of up to 600 m between two users, dependent on terrain; with each headset acting as a repeater to extend the range should more than two headsets be in use at once.

Its intuitive ambient mode allows users to hear and react to potential dangers around them, with automatic deactivation, should loud noise be detected, for maximum protection. 

The design, which, Stihl says, puts user safety at the forefront, not only offers the Advance ProCom’s ear protection, but hardwearing head protection, complete with reflective strips, in the form of the X-Vent. 

The vented helmet comes with a sturdy spring steel mesh visor which allows up to 80 per cent light visibility for a clear, protected view. 

For ease of use, it also comes with a ratchet adjustment headband and a twist lock to adjust its size and height.