STIHL has added a new cordless hedge trimmer to its AP System range, offering landscaping professionals excellent cutting performance, a rotating handle and improved user comfort. 

Replacing both the HSA 66 and HSA 86 models, the new HSA 100 boasts 60 cm double-sided, double-edged cutting blades with a widened 34 mm tooth spacing, making the tool ideal for those working on long, tall hedges with thicker branches.

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Alongside the impressive performance, the HSA 100 also offers high levels of operator comfort, featuring a rotating rear handle that locks into three positions across a 1,800 range, helping to reduce wrist strain when working for long periods of time. The trigger is located on the inside of the front loop handle for better comfort in all positions. 

Its quiet operation means the hedge trimmer can be used without ear defenders, while an improved anti-vibration system offers significantly lower vibration compared to the HSA 86.

To combat potential jamming of the blades, especially when working on thick material, the HSA 100 features an innovative anti-blocking system that reverses the motor’s rotational direction to unblock the blades, minimising product downtime and enhancing the efficiency of the tool.

The HSA 100 is powered by STIHL’s AP battery system, offering up to 150 minutes runtime on a single charge when used with the recommended AP 200 battery.