RAINBOW Professional, a company renowned for its recycled treecare products and bio-based Spiral Guard, has developed a unique tree shelter for the protection of trees against browsing animals.

The Rainbow Terra is, the company says, the first and only tree shelter to be certified soil biodegradable (TUV TA8032207124), which guarantees it can be left in situ to biodegrade without littering or causing harm to the environment.

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A nested round tree shelter which is designed to last an average of five years, it also has the benefit of being safe for marine and freshwater environments. Manufactured from PEFC/FSC wood residue sourced from UK sawmills, and bio resin from Northern Europe, the Rainbow Terra is natural in its appearance, with class-leading light transmission, reinforced tie holes and a smooth upper lip that reduces stem abrasion.

The Rainbow Terra is also said to boast an impressively small carbon footprint. The company is committed to reaching carbon neutrality by 2025 for the Terra and, by only using ethically sourced plant-based raw materials, says it has delivered a fully circular, highly sustainable product that uses wood to protect wood.

Global sales director Simon Place said: “As tree planting and woodland creation continue to increase, the need for effective tree protection has become more crucial than ever.

“Traditional methods of protecting newly planted trees include fencing or individual polypropylene or polyethylene shelters, which although popular in the sector cause millions of tubes to litter the countryside, highlighting the need for a truly biodegradable alternative.

“The Rainbow Terra offers a world-class, certified soil biodegradable, wood-based, marine- and freshwater-safe sustainable solution for the future of tree planting and protection of the environment.”