JOBS have been secured at a Welsh sawmill after a timber supplier agreed to sell its assets in the site. 

Premier Forest Products' stake in the mill at Croespenmaen near Crumlin will now be taken on by SDL Sawmills. 

As part of the deal, all existing staff will remain in place and continue with full-scale milling activities. With an offtake agreement, Premier Forest will continue to supply the finished sawn products from the mill to its customer base.

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Terry Edgell, co-founder and CEO of Premier Forest Products, said: “This deal is perfect for SDL, Premier Forest and our customers, who will continue to receive uninterrupted supply of our respective products.  

"We are building on a strong partnership while making the most of the core capabilities and supply chain of each business." 

Premier Forest will buy all of SDL’s sawn products, fencing materials, fence panels, sleepers, pallet wood and sawn timber to secure consistent, continual supply for their customer base and to fulfil market demand.

Sam Launchbury, founder and CEO of SDL, added: “This is a perfect deal for the development of the SDL business and for strengthening our partnership with Premier Forest." 

SDL is planning further investment in the sawmill to develop the facility and increase production, creating additional employment opportunities both directly and indirectly at the site.