ONE of the first operators to get behind the controls of Komatsu's new eight-wheeled harvester has called it a "machine you can trust". 

The 951XC, which was unveiled this week, boasts a more compact design than its predecessors, the 951 and 931XC, and is said to be ideal for working in denser stands. 

With "great stability, excellent manoeuvrability, and low ground pressure", the harvester features a significantly shorter distance from the centre of the crane to the front wheels (than the 951) and new working hydraulics to better utilise the diesel engine.

Forestry Journal: The 951XC is said to be ideal for working in denser stands

And Henrik Lysebäck, who tested a prototype of the 951XC in the autumn of 2022, has been full of praise for the machine. 

“The 951XC is a good machine, stable and comfortable to operate," Henrik, of Lysebäcks Skogsentreprenad, said. "It is a machine you can trust, and you feel secure working at a long reach. 

"This is definitely a machine I would like to continue to work with.”

The Komatsu 951XC has 242 kN of underlying tractive force and unique interaction between engine, control system and power transmission. 

The hydrostatic transmission enables engine power to be fully utilised, providing considerable advantages in difficult terrain as well as excellent climbing ability. This is due to the machine's large hydrostatic pump, which can maintain higher speeds at high tractive forces.

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Although the working hydraulics are new, in all other respects the Komatsu 951XC shares the same proven design as other Komatsu harvesters, meaning 3PS.

“Now we have a complete range of eight-wheeled machines, specially designed for demanding conditions,” Joakim Johansson, product manager harvesters at Komatsu Forest said. “What is special about the 951XC is that it combines the strength of a 951 with an extremely compact design.

"Since it has about the same dimensions as the 931XC it can be used in denser stands."