A NEW app promises to streamline work processes and enhance overall efficiency for arborists. 

The tool from Green Line Arb, a start-up, aims to tackle the daily challenges faced by tree surgeons by providing a digital combitool that is both practical and invaluable. With its ‘user-friendly technology’, the app is said to improve productivity, save time, reduce stress, and save money for all users.

As a second-generation tree surgeon growing up in a family business, founder Nick Wilson has seen first-hand the recurring obstacles that hinder productivity.

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“Our goal was to create an app that would be a functional tool for practical people, making our jobs easier, safer, more efficient and more productive,” he said. “With the Green Line Arb app, we’ve achieved just that.”

Through the app, professionals can connect and collaborate with the public, sharing their useful by-products at “Drop Points” populated from the online recycling portal.

The app also serves as a hub for connecting industry-specific services, such as LOLER inspectors and training providers with trades people in need. In addition, Green Line Arb also addresses the issue of bridging the gap between complicated industry legislation and practical operators. 

Forestry Journal:

The app offers a comprehensive set of features, including:
• The Industry Map
• Personal Profile
• Emergency Location

“We designed this app to meet challenges head-on, empowering and equipping the arb and landscaping community,” said Nick. “We’re confident that this app will be a game changer for the industry.” 

The Green Line Arb app is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

For more information, visit the Green Line Arb website