AN operator suffered two "deep cuts" to their nose when a chainsaw they were using kicked back. 

The individual was working to clear a fence line of vegetation, but caught the fence and lost control of the saw. 

Despite the inertia brake triggering and the machine coming to a stop, the momentum carried it back to the operator's face and the teeth on the chain inflicted the injury. 

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No further details have been released on the incident, but forestry bosses are reminding operators to use extreme caution when using a chainsaw. 

A Tilhill safety bulletin read: "Kickback when using a chainsaw is a well-documented risk all chainsaw operators will know about, and almost certainly have experienced. Modern chainsaws are equipped with inertia chain brakes to mitigate the risk by stopping the chain should kickback occur. Correct body positioning is also required to minimise risk in the event of kickback.

"There are other things we can do to manage the risk including the operator ensuring they can see the end of the bar, is conscious of other vegetation and that the area is clear of debris that could contact the tip of the bar. 

"This may mean clearing other lighter vegetation first to give clear sight.

"Using an appropriately sized saw can help manage the risk by ensuring the saw is as manoeuvrable as possible, and no more powerful than necessary. 

"A smaller saw may be and easier to handle."