A ‘GAME-CHANGING’ new product could finally prove the solution to carrying heavy equipment across long distances and challenging terrain. 

Retailer Carr’s Billington Safety has unveiled the Logger Backpack Load-Carrying System, a “revolutionary modular design” tailored specifically for transporting rigging equipment, chainsaws and fuel tanks. 

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This backpack is said to be ideal for teams operating in remote areas, offering a convenient and efficient solution for carrying vital tools and supplies.

The Logger Backpack features a modular aluminium frame that allows for easy switching between the chainsaw load-carrying system and the rope rigging bag. 

A Carr’s statement added: “What sets it apart is its ability to stand independently, providing enhanced convenience and stability. It’s also very light.” 

Carr’s will have demo sample units available at the end of the summer to test without obligation for those interested. For all enquiries, contact Neil Thomas