MANUFACTURER EGO Power Plus has further extended its telescopic tool range with the introduction of an all-electric tool. 

The battery-powered PS1000E Telescopic Pole Saw reaches lengths of four metres when fully extended, allowing for quick and easy tree maintenance without the need for ladders. Designed with the motor at the head of the tool for improved balance and ergonomics, it is also said to offer superior cutting accuracy.

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Vince Brauns, group product manager at EGO, said: “Our new Telescopic Pole Saw represents a step change in the power, precision, and performance of cordless pole saws. 

“With over a decade dedicated to cordless outdoor power equipment, we understand the runtime and capabilities required in this sector – and with the PS1000E we’re delivering a telescopic pole saw that exceeds expectations.”

With a 25 cm bar and chain speeds of up to 20 m/s, the EGO Telescopic Pole Saw cuts through high branches with ease, the manufacturer says. The lightweight, sturdy, carbon-fibre shaft makes it easy to handle while helping to keep cuts accurate – further enhanced by the LED cutting guides. Other productivity-boosting features include tool-free chain tensioning and pole telescoping. Storage is also made easy as the cutting head and shaft attach to the tool via a connector, meaning the pole saw is more compact when not in use.

Forestry Journal:

For work on trees that requires additional reach, EGO Power Plus is also introducing the EP1000 extension pole as an optional extra. 

The PS1000E Telescopic Pole Saw is part of the EGO Power Plus Professional range of cordless gardening tools. Like all of its products, the new pole saw uses EGO’s 56V ARC lithium battery, that works across the entire EGO offering. 

The PSE1000E Telescopic Pole Saw is available now with an RRP £509. For further details visit