TREE-SHELTER specialist Tubex has announced the major expansion of its collection and recycling hub network. 

Taking the current total to 17, the latest sites are situated around the UK. Each offers a place where foresters, landowners, landscapers and farmers can bring tree shelters at end-of-life and drop them off free of charge. 

Tubex reported that many of the drop-off dates announced have filled up, with hundreds of thousands of shelters already collected. As a result, the total of shelters collected is already double the volume collected in 2022.

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“Taking old shelters out of the wild and recycling them into new shelters, is the most sustainable form of tree protection long-term, as indicated by independent life cycle analysis,” said James Taylor, product line director at Tubex. 

The hub network was launched at the end of the 2022-23 season to complement the existing means of collection via site pick-up launched in 2021. As such, it offers no-cost alternative for businesses and individuals for whom it was uneconomical to order pick-up from site. 

The expansion of the hub network also extends the programme’s partnership to Maydencroft, Green-Tech and British Hardwood Tree Nursey, joining those already launched by Tubex’s parent company Berry Global; Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, National Trust and Tillhill.

Green-Tech recently took delivery of its first tree shelters, and Richard Gill, sales director, said: “It’s great to have already had our first collection after being named as an official drop-off hub for the Tubex Collection & Recycling Scheme, and I’m sure this is the first of many for us.”

Forestry Journal:

James added: “We always felt that the drop-off hubs would be a great option for business and individuals, but it’s nice to see the confirmation with many drop-off days already fully booked.

“That’s why it’s especially heartening to see new partners come on board and open hubs."