THE first operator to try out Log Max's latest harvesting head has said its speed is "like a new dimension". 

The 5000V, which was launched earlier this year, is said to be a "versatile head" and has been designed for many types of felling, including larger trees. 

Able to cut up to a maximum diameter of 74 cm, it features new hose couplings, feed roller motors, and saw unit. Called the 318 MK2, Log Max officials say the unit will make forestry work easier. 

"The best thing about the new 5000V is the feed speed, the good result of the new measuring unit and the new hose routing for the multi-stemming unit," said Swedish operator Erik Wiik. "You feel it is a brand-new harvesting head with a high production capacity. The speed is like a new dimension.

Forestry Journal: A new saw unit is among the key updates on the 5000VA new saw unit is among the key updates on the 5000V (Image: Log Max)

"I also think that the geometry of the saw box is excellent and has increased production considerably."

In a press release, Log Max chiefs said: "With careful material choices and new design ideas, the need for maintenance will be minimised, and durability will increase.

"The changes make it easy to change the bar, maintain the saw unit easily, and increase the durability to its maximum.

"The Log Max 5000V measurement unit has got mechanical, electronic and hydraulic updates." 

These include: 

  • The construction of the measuring wheel cylinder is updated.
  • The hydraulic circuit is new.
  • The measuring wheel arm and its attachment are reinforced.
  • New contactless encoder in the measuring wheel.
  • Two conical roller bearings that are lubricated from the outside.

The release added: "Altogether, the changes will allow the measuring wheel to follow the contour of the stem even better and provide the best measurement result.

"The contour of the saw box is changed, and the position of the saw unit has been optimised to handle trees with larger root bones and thus increase production significantly. The saw box also has a root bone plate to protect the chain and bar."

The hoses for the multi-stemming unit and the rotator control are on the left side of the felling link at 5000V. The updates make the hoses run inside the protective bar, less exposed and will make them last longer, Log Max officials added. 

Forestry Journal: The 5000V features a refreshed design The 5000V features a refreshed design (Image: Log Max)

The attachment for the hoses for stump treatment and grease lubrication also has a new design, which means that the hoses are exposed to minimal wear and have increased durability.

To simplify service, facilitate transport and increase safety, a “Safety Pin” has replaced the safety chain, which forms a locking mechanism between the frame and the felling link. You can now link a bracket under the rotator to a stand in the frame with the help of a locking pin.

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