DEVELON has unveiled its DX20ZE-7 mini excavator, the first mass-produced electric excavator manufactured by what was formerly known as Doosan Construction Equipment.

The two-tonne (1,941 kg) machine offers low noise and zero emissions with the features and performance of the DX-7 Series of mini excavators.

The DX20ZE-7 uses a 20.4 kWh li-ion battery pack to power a 13.7 kW (18.4 hp) motor. Develon stated that an 80 per cent charge can be completed in about 80 minutes. All electrical systems have been optimised for working in harsh conditions.

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“The DX20ZE-7 is designed to meet a growing demand for electric machines,” said Stephane Dieu, excavators product manager for Europe at Develon. “As compact equipment, such as mini-excavators, has a higher tendency to work in cities and residential areas, where it has proximity to other workers, it has a great advantage over the diesel counterpart due to less noise and no emissions.”

Maximum digging depth is 2,350 mm, while max. digging reach (ground) is 3,875 mm. Maximum load height is 2,625 mm.

Key features include retractable tracks, which allow the machine to pass through narrow gaps, making it ideal for working in confined spaces. Compact overall dimensions make the DX20ZE-7 suitable for working in confined areas where low-noise, nighttime work is required.

Other features include a suite of onboard telematics systems. These allow operators and dealers to remotely monitor machine performance, location and productivity.

The systems support machine tracking, helping to avoid unauthorised use, while also tracking oil pressure, operating temperature and other machine information. The system sends alerts when maintenance is due.

The data can also be used to help train operators to achieve maximum productivity.