DOZENS of trees are set to be removed from a popular woodland in Renfrewshire which has been standing for more than 150 years.

The works at Teucheen Wood, in Inchinnan, have been approved by Renfrewshire Council after they were deemed necessary for safety reasons.

Inchinnan Development Trust, which owns and manages the land, has been granted permission for the removal of 35 individual trees, as well as a cluster of semi-mature trees, and pruning works on another 42 trees.

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The woodland is protected by a tree preservation order and is designated as a site of importance for nature conservation, a report on the decision said.

It added: “The tree works have been proposed following a survey by professional arborists on behalf of a community group who have assumed ownership and management of the woodland.

“The 35 individual trees proposed for removal comprise 14 ash, 12 sycamore, four Scots pine, one oak, one holly, one birch and two unidentified dead trees.

“The survey notes that the ash trees are showing poor vigour which is indicative of ash dieback, while the sycamores proposed for removal are said to be presenting a range of defects and include dead trees, single stem monoliths and other heavily decayed or diseased trees.

“Of the four Scots pines to be removed, three are said to be standing dead, while the fourth is noted to have a large tear in its trunk and is heavily decayed.

“The oak and holly are noted to be both windthrown and held up by adjacent trees, while the birch is described as dead.

“The cluster of additional semi-mature trees to be removed comprise a group of approximately 15 to 20 densely planted ash trees which are noted by the arborist to be displaying signs of ash dieback and are proposed for removal due to their location next to a popular footpath.

“Of the trees to be pruned, 36 of these would be subject to the removal of deadwood from their crowns, while the remaining six trees feature fractured branches requiring removal.”

Detailing the reasons for its decision, the council said the proposal is in line with the provisions of the development plan.