CLARK Tracks has introduced the new TerraX, described as ‘a groundbreaking concept in track products for forest machines’.

With completely redesigned joining links, track plates and side paws, the TerraX maintains strength whilst being exceptionally faster to service. The concept is being introduced for market feedback and to open discussions about added lifecycle value and fit-for-service programmes.

Key benefits of the new design include an adjustable joining link offering multiple sizes in one link, removing the requirement to have numerous sizes of joining links on hand. The design makes tensioning tracks easier and allows for more control over the fit of the track. This link has been engineered so that the weight of loads is not bearing on the bolt, improving the quality of the link.

The assembled side paw enables easy maintenance, eliminating the use of tools that can cause sparks, in turn decreasing the risk of forest fires connected to sparks caused by shortening tracks.

Maintaining tracks is not only easier but faster and safer. The adjustable joining link makes it possible to remove plates and replace worn links or broken track plates with only the use of a wrench or spanner.

Clark Tracks is planning to launch the final product in 2024.