CLARK Engineering has announced it has engaged in a partnership with Rock Oil to become the exclusive UK forestry distributor for Rock Oil’s harvester chain oil and lubricants range.

Rock Oil is a well-known UK lubricants manufacturer and one of the few blenders left in the UK. It is synonymous with its connections to motorcycle racing, and it is the same ‘anti-fling’ technology used in these high-speed racing applications that is used in its range of forestry chain oils. This results in oil with a high level of tackiness to reduce wear on bars, chains and sprockets and minimise consumption.

Rock Oil UK sales manager Layth Shaw said: “The partnership between Rock Oil and Clark Engineering represents a fusion of quality and dedication to the forest industry. Together, we aim not just to provide superior OEM lubricants, grease and antifreeze products, but also to foster a relationship built on trust, innovation, and shared values.”

Clark Engineering holds large stocks of Rock Oil’s forestry range of products and can offer 5-litre, 20-litre, 210-litre and IBC 1,000-litre quantities. It can also supply Rock Oil’s large range of other lubricants such as hydraulic oils and grease.