HE is considered the father of tree surgery. Now, a century on from his death, John Davey’s legacy is going back to his roots. 

A new strategic partnership between Davey Resource Group (DRG), a subsidiary of the Davey Tree Expert Company, and Treeconomics will see the two organisations commit to preserving and enhancing urban green spaces and treescapes.

Founded in 1880 by its namesake, Davey began training the world’s first tree surgeons, following John’s belief that the health of a tree could be maintained like that of a human being. 


The agreement is the first time DRG has made an investment in a European company, and will see the American firm collaborate on sustainable solutions with the UK-based Treeconomics. John was born in Somerset before later moving to America. 

Brent Repenning, Davey’s executive vice president, said: “Through this partnership, we’ll be able to collaborate on sustainable solutions for Treeconomics’ clients, with an added bonus of having the opportunity to serve the country where our founder was born and raised.”

Forestry Journal: Brent Repenning, left, and Kenton RogersBrent Repenning, left, and Kenton Rogers (Image: Supplied)

Treeconomics and DRG have had a close connection since 2010, when Treeconomics undertook the UK’s first urban forest benefits assessment in Torbay. Their shared commitment to sustainable urban forest management and the application of innovative technology, such as i-Tree, has strengthened their bond over the years.

Kenton Rogers, Treeconomics’ co-founder, added: “I’m really excited about this partnership. Ever since our first visit to Davey in 2010, the synergy between our organisations was clear. Together we can have a profound impact on the sustainability and well-being of urban treescapes in the UK, and we are really looking forward to the journey ahead.”

For more information about DRG and Treeconomics, visit their respective websites: www.davey.com and www.treeconomics.co.uk