Machines on the may have only launched in 2021, but it has experienced a rapid rise. Now, the people behind the brand want it to become the largest forestry reseller in Europe. 

RICHARD Cross, owner of Machines on the, has always been passionate about machinery.

After an eight-year career in the Grenadier Guards, Richard moved into the waste industry in 1998 and through a variety of positions became contracts director for Cheshire West Council, running the refuse and waste department. The role saw him overseeing around 800 staff and 500 vehicles.

Richard’s interest in recycling took him to develop and create his first company, Future Recycling, in 2000. The company was one of the first in the UK to start exporting waste around the world. This involved different waste types, including PET and production waste. Future Recycling introduced Richard to the forestry side of recycling and saw him moving to work for Vermeer UK, before moving to Global Recycling Solutions, later rebranded to Global Machinery Solutions, to handle the sales of large machinery. It was during his time here that he met Louise Bradshaw-Black, who was at the time the marketing manager.

Forestry Journal: Richard Cross established the brand only in 2021Richard Cross established the brand only in 2021 (Image: Supplied)

Louise is a noted industry marketer, having developed the UK image of international brands such as Bandit Industries, Jo Beau, Norwood Sawmills, Frontier Sawmills and Pronar, to name but a few.

After a substantial time in the waste and recycling industry, with experience of a multitude of machine types, Richard saw a gap in the market where his expert knowledge could be put to use.

“I looked at various business models that were live in the sector and thought there was a better way of doing it,” Richard said. “A more transparent way so that both the customer and purchaser retain the true value of the machine, as well as providing a way to move machinery on as fast as possible. Machines sat in a yard waiting to be sold can cost a company as much or more than machine down-time.” 

In 2021, Machines on the was created. The website offers one of the most diverse selections of machinery available and caters for all customer requirements.

From tyre recyclers to Jenz chipping trucks, all the way through to customers who recycle WEE, washing machines or fridges, there is machinery available that will help, and if ever something isn’t on the website, a phone call to Richard will see him pull together contacts to provide the machinery needed.

Forestry Journal:  Louise Bradshaw-Black Louise Bradshaw-Black (Image: Supplied)

“We are constantly looking to help our customers sell their machines in the worldwide market place and ensure our customers get best price for their machines; more than they would get for a trade-in and considerably more than if they sent the machine to auction,” he said.  

In August of last year, Louise joined Machines on the Market in the role of creative director. 

She said: “Forestry has been a huge part of my career and something I was passionate about introducing. We want to help both brands and sellers. By coming to us instead of sending a machine to auction, we are creating a stable residual value for forestry brands.”

The last three months have seen the company grow at a rapid rate, gaining an impressive reputation in the industry.

“The passion for machinery that both Richard and I share reflects in our success,” Louise said. “Because we cover all machinery sectors, we are literally a one-stop shop. Whatever the requirements or budget, we can fulfil. That level of service and commitment is unrivalled elsewhere.”

Richard added: “We are hungry to keep on growing. We want people to think of us the minute they want to buy or sell, and our aim is to be the largest forestry reseller in Europe within the next 12 months.”