From APF to KWF, Forestry Journal takes a look at some of the events you won’t want to miss in 2024. 

IF 2023 was the year in which forestry’s events calendar returned to its full glory, then 2024 promises to provide more of the same. With COVID restrictions (mercifully) a thing of the past, the next 12 months will see foresters get the chance to check out the latest machinery, technical innovations, and game-changing products at a host of industry shows. 

Here, Forestry Journal takes a look at the ones you won’t want to miss. 

APF Exhibition, UK 
September 19–21 

Forestry Journal:

There was only one place we could begin. The UK’s largest forestry show was back with a bang in 2022 after two COVID-enforced postponements, and it saw record crowds flock to Warwickshire’s Ragley Estate. This time around, expect chainsaws, forwarders, and even horse loggers to be on hand to entertain and inform. 

The headline-grabbing news (at least that we know of so far) is that Farma will use the show to debut its first-ever forwarder. The LF8, created in memory of its founder Leif Fors, was unveiled to much fanfare last year, and should prove to be a highlight of the three-day event. 

With more than 300 exhibitors expected, APF promises to provide a glimpse into every side of the industry. 2022’s edition saw the likes of Home Forestry (Alstor mini-forwarder), GreenMech (woodchippers), and Husqvarna (540 XP Mark III) demonstrate machinery in action, and 2024 will be no different. 

If all goes to plan, APF should also host this year’s UK Lumberjacks and the UK Loggers, and the British Tree Climbing Competition again.

KWF Tagung, Germany
June 19–24 

Forestry Journal:

The one many have been waiting for. Forestry professionals will head to Schwarzenborn, Hesse, for one of the largest exhibitions of its kind.  

Organised on a regular basis since 1964, the forest-based KWF is a crowd pleaser, offering the chance to get up close and enjoy machines in their natural habitat. 

Initially, the fair took place every two years, but is now on a four-year cycle, alternating with Interforst in Munich and mixing up its location to “do justice to the diverse realities and demands of European forestry”. 

Given it last took place in 2016 (before that pesky COVID got in the way), the appetite for KWF has only grown in the near-decade since. 

While a final exhibitor list will be confirmed closer to the time, names already signed up to the 2024 edition include Valtra, Eder, and HSM.

FinnMETKO, Finland 
August 29–31 

Forestry Journal:

Like APF, FinnMetko returned in a mostly business-as-normal fashion in August 2022. To give you an idea of just how highly regarded it is by the manufacturers, consider that that edition saw John Deere, Ponsse and ProSilva all show off new machinery and innovations in public for the very first time. 

Time will tell whether or not things will be the same on this occasion, but whatever happens, FinnMetko will be one of 2024’s highlights. Hakki Pilke, John Deere, and Kesla are all understood to have confirmed they will be exhibiting in August, with many others sure to follow suit.

Timber Expo, UK 
October 1–3 

Forestry Journal:

Timber in construction ended 2023 as one of the year’s hot topics, culminating in the publication of the long-awaited Timber in Construction Roadmap by the UK Government. So, if you’ve never considered heading to the Timber Expo, 2024 might be a good time to change your mind. 

Timber Expo 2024 will be the 12th edition of the event, which has been co-located with UK Construction Week since 2015. UK Construction Week is a multi award-winner at the UK Trade Show awards and is the UK’s leading trade event for the industry, attracting 25,000 visitors. 

Timber Expo will bring together award-winning architects, clients and contractors to showcase all that timber has to offer. Supported by Timber Development UK, it is the UK’s largest showcase event for wood and timber in construction, covering structural timber frames, sawmills, merchants, glulam, SIPs, CLT, fixings and fastenings, timber cladding, doors and windows, mouldings, skirtings and flooring products.

Land & Forst, Austria 
June 6–9 

Forestry Journal:

Land & Forst is one of the largest trade fairs for agriculture and forestry in Lower Austria. Its broad and comprehensive range of products and services makes it a significant industry meeting point. The focus lies not only on the presentation of innovations, but also on networking and exchange among professional visitors. The fair provides a platform for individuals and experts interested in discussing topics related to agriculture and forestry.

The forestry exhibition area encompasses a large forest centre, of more than 6,000 m2. Besides machine demonstrations and presentations of the latest forestry technology, exhibitors from a wide array of sectors will also be on hand to present a multitude of products and services.

Forestry Journal will be in attendance at many events throughout the year, bringing you coverage of the latest developments in forestry. Keep an eye on our channels for details.