A SUTHERLAND timber processor is set to play a bigger role in the construction sector – after a trio of employees secured vital qualifications. 

The Halladale-based GMG Energy has seen three of its senior staff members earn visual softwood structural grading credentials, which qualifies the company to supply builders and joinery businesses with the stress-tested timber used in housing and commercial property construction projects.

Director Malcolm Morrison, sawmill manager Vasile Damian, and his deputy, Adrian Cegielka, also underwent and passed an onsite five-days visual grading of softwood certification training.

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“As a result of securing these credentials, GMG Energy can now stress test wood to reach the highest building standards," said Malcolm. "This, in turn, will lead us into supplying market demand for structural timber from joiners, builders and architects not only in the North of Scotland but throughout the country.

“We are now accredited to apply a unique stamp on specific timber products we manufacture to assure potential customers of its quality and fitness for construction projects.”

GMG Energy last year invested £150,000 in state-of-the-art sawmill equipment, which takes its larger timber and processes it into posts, rail, cladding and purlins, or structural roof members.

It has also recently spent in the region of £100,000 on timber treatment equipment to help open up new markets among construction companies and farm businesses which require treated and stress-tested products.

Forestry Journal: Adrian Cegielka also earned the qualification Adrian Cegielka also earned the qualification (Image: Supplied)

Vasile said: “Essentially we were taught how to identify four grades of timber: c14 and c18 are lower grades so do not take as much load-bearing weight, c16 is for general use for a house but has limits, while c24 is of a higher quality that can bear more weight and is used in critical structural situations.

“Obtaining the qualification is an important step for us as a company because it opens the door for us to more high-quality work within the construction sector.”