IT is a one-of-a-kind woodchipper, having helped to raise vital cancer charity cash with its distinctive colour scheme. Now, it has the perfect partner – and a permanent home. 

The pink and blue Mus-Max Wood Terminator 8 has been purchased by Martin Wiles, who owns CFTS Ltd, a utility, forestry and clearance company based in the Midlands. A star on the forestry event circuit of recent years, the chipper's unique livery was applied by dealer B Price Mus-Max in 2021, ensuring it stood out from the crowd while supporting Cancer Research UK and Young Lives vs Cancer. 

Now, the chipper will be put to work alongside a Massey Ferguson 8735 tractor, which has also had the same colouring applied to it. 

Keen to continue Ben Price's ambition of championing the two causes, Martin commissioned his dealer, KO Machines in Coven, to colour match his new tractor to the distinctive shading of the Terminator 8. 

“Cancer affects everyone, and my business wouldn’t be where it is now without my nan, who passed away from cancer," Martin said. "We need the chipper for most of our clearance sites across the country, and I didn’t want to just put any tractor on the front of it. 

Forestry Journal: Martin Wiles of CFTS Ltd receiving the freshly wrapped tractor from Darren Winstanley, sales manager at KO MachinesMartin Wiles of CFTS Ltd receiving the freshly wrapped tractor from Darren Winstanley, sales manager at KO Machines (Image: Supplied)

"Getting the tractor wrapped, and changing the colour of the bonnet grills from red to black, will continue raising awareness and donations, and it is nice to see a Massey Ferguson in a forestry environment.”

Although the tractor had the required power to run the chipper, the cab controls required a fundamental redesign. 

Darren Winstanley, sales manager at KO Machines, described the modifications: “We installed a new 360º seat base so the user can turn to face the rear of the cab and operate the chipper. 

"The multifunction armrest and screen turn with the seat and fold up as the seat turns. The major change in the cab has been replacing the small rear window that is used to view the pick-up hitch and install a solid box allowing space for the operator’s feet and foot controls.

“When in the rear position, the armrest and screen are folded back into place and the chipper controls are lowered down towards the operator for comfortable use. It proves that although forestry operations aren’t a common choice for MF machines, with some modifications, these tractors can be equipped to offer users long term reliability and a comfortable working environment.”

The value of the woodchip from the combinations first job in Cambridge for OCS Group UK is being donated to the charities. Landowners on future sites where Martin is working are encouraged to donate some or all the value of the chip, after chipping and haulage costs, to the two charities. 

Speaking to Forestry Journal at last year's Confor Woodland Show about the Mus-Max, Ben Price said: “It’s a serious bit of kit. We are running it on a Valtra t234, which runs it really well. It’s a great machine. 

Forestry Journal: Ben Price with the chipper at last year's Confor Woodland Show Ben Price with the chipper at last year's Confor Woodland Show (Image: FJ/Jack Haugh)

“People just can’t believe the paint colour! And everyone is impressed by the machine. They don’t think it’ll chip much.”