A CONTROL system from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tiltrotators is now compatible with even more excavator brands. 

Engcon's DC3 can be fitted to several Volvo, Develon and Takeuch models, having initially been launched on Cat's Next Gen Hydraulic excavator last year. 

But after extensive testing – both in the workshop and with end customers – the firm says the DC3 can now take manufacturers to "completely new levels". 

Martin Engström, product owner at Engcon, said: "We are happy about the fact that several excavator manufacturers can now connect to our new control system.

Forestry Journal: The system now works on Develon's DX 225LC-7XThe system now works on Develon's DX 225LC-7X (Image: Supplied)

"With the new system we will really take digging to completely new levels, the system is smart, easy to install, with improved remote support and now there is also a new app for both iOS and Android." 

The following machines are now prepared for DC3:

  • CAT NG 313-335
  • Volvo eML EC140-300E, EW160-220E, ECR145-355E, EWR130-170E
  • Develon DX 225LC-7X
  • Takeuchi TB395W

The list is constantly updated. For the latest information on which machines can connect to DC3, visit www.engcon.com