A FORESTRY training provider has achieved substantial success in the uptake of its tree planting courses – with the aim of preventing failed tree-planting projects. 

Partnering with leading tree shelter manufacturer, Tubex, and renowned distributor Green-tech, Greenway Training received a donation of 450 recyclable and biodegradable tree shelters for its courses.

The Lantra Tree Planting and Establishing Woodlands course was initially funded by the Forestry Commission's Forestry and Arboriculture Training Fund, which enabled the firm to offer free courses and expand the access to this important practical learning for new entrants to the sector and those seeking to build on existing skills.

Due to the increasing demand for properly trained and certified personnel in the forestry and arb sectors, the requirement for professional training has never been higher. 

Greenway’s courses have garnered immense popularity, with numerous companies now opting to enrol their employees alongside many others who are making career transitions into environmental sectors or simply want to learn more about tree planting. 

Tubex's donation of tree shelters, as part of its Grow Together Programme, combined with shelter location guidance and support, has played an important role in the course – saving the company the expenses associated with acquiring the essential tree planting resources.

Charlotte Boole, director at Greenway Training, said: "We are delighted with the overwhelming interest that our forestry courses have generated.

“Tubex tree shelters have proven to be ideal choice for our training programmes due to their durability and resilience, outperforming some of the other brands we've used in the past.

“The donation of 450 tree shelters has significantly enhanced the learning experience for our trainees, providing them with ample materials for hands-on learning, which we see as such a crucial part of our training for proper tree establishment.

“We look forward to expanding our forestry training offerings in the near future and look forward to working with Tubex and Green-tech again.”

Grow Together is Tubex’s charitable initiative launched in 2022, which offers a scheme where charity or community projects across the UK are able to receive a donation of tree shelters to protect their saplings. The company selects a certain number of projects yearly to receive a supply of shelters, considering the environment and type of trees being planted.