FORESTRY bosses at one of Scotland's busiest recreation destinations are reminding visitors to follow all safety signage at the productive woodland. 

With the Easter holiday getting underway, Forestry and Land Scotland’s (FLS) team at Glentress is stepping up a gear in anticipation of an increase in visitor numbers. 

Best known as one of FLS's key destinations in southern Scotland, the Peebles-based site continues to be a busy, working forest that is also accommodating the closing phases of the Glentress Masterplan development. 

With all of this work going on around a network of established and new trails for walking, cycling, running and riding, keeping visitors safe while they enjoy any of the activities on offer is a top priority for forestry officials. 

Martin Page, FLS regional visitor services manager, said: “Glentress is always one of our busiest visitor hotspots – and with all of the recent work that we’ve been doing we are expecting even more visitors than usual. 

“There are loads of activities to enjoy, trails to explore and sights to see but as a working forest that is also in the closing phase of Masterplan redevelopment work, we need to put in a small number of trail closures and diversions to help keep visitors safe. 

“However, with the Glentress trail network being so extensive, we are able to get on with the work we have to do and still provide visitors with a range of fantastic recreational opportunities. 

“We would just remind everyone who is planning to come along over the holidays for a great day out, to do their bit and please follow all safety signage and diversions.” 

As with all FLS productive forests, Glentress is primarily a working forest that produces timber. FLS aims to bring around three million tonnes of timber to market every year; this income underpins the vast majority of FLS activity. 

Felling operations require the use of heavy machinery and it is vital that in a multi-use, multi-user forest visitors are kept at a safe distance from tree felling.