MANUFACTURER Kesla says it has received "exclusively positive feedback" about its new loader control system – which was recently released for its tractor loaders. 

The proC i programme – the result of six years of development and three years of customer testing – has been available since the turn of the year, and is said to be a major step forward for the Finland-based firm. 

Available for the Kesla 320 series loaders, such as the 325T, the system features intelligent loader control and end damping.

“The feedback from test customers has been exclusively positive for both the control system and its usability,” said product manager Aappo Hyttinen. “Test customers have particularly appreciated the fact that the movements can be adjusted live, during crane operation, so the effect of the adjustment can be seen immediately." 

Launched in January, Kesla also combined remote contact with proC i intelligent loader control.

Remote contact provides security for the user, Kesla says, as it enables direct technical support from the factory. With remote access, the factory technical support can see the same view as the operator. Remote access can be used to support the customer in, for example, problem solving or adjustments.

Forestry Journal: The KESLA proC i is available for the KESLA 325T and 326T loadersThe KESLA proC i is available for the KESLA 325T and 326T loaders (Image: Supplied)

A statement from the manufacturer added: "KESLA proC i intelligent loader control further improves the usability and ergonomics of the loader The intelligent loader control specifically controls the tip of the crane, not the main boom, outer boom or extender separately.

"This makes it easier to learn the control method and is also reflected in productivity.

"In a study commissioned by Metsäteho, the productivity of intelligent loader control compared to electric two-lever control was over 24 per cent higher."